#USI25 Shaping knowledge

#USI25 #shapingknowledge


"You were not made to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge". This famous quote from Dante's Ulysses knows how to express like few others the meaning that knowledge has in defining the very essence of humanity. Developing and transmitting knowledge is the raison d'être of a university: every day, for 25 years, together with our students, our professors, our researchers, we have been #shapingknowledge. However, #shapingknowledge is also an invitation: to take the opportunity of our 25th anniversary to get to know USI better and, in fact, the richness and plurality of knowledge that USI contributes to shaping every day.

Pokemon and the Spice Girls made their debut and Take That broke up. Tomb Raider was played on Playstation 1 while Kubi scored the famous penalty against England and Independence Day was showing in the cinema. It was 1996 and the Università della Svizzera italiana - USI) was born, a "gamble" in which few perhaps really believed.

25 years have passed and USI has come a long way: today it has 3'350 students, 100 countries represented and over 10'000 graduates working all over the globe. It receives competitive research funding of CHF 20 million per year, ranks 20th in the world among small universities according to Times Higher Education, and is among the top 300 overall in both the Times Higher Education and QS rankings. It offers 6 Bachelor's degrees, 24 Master's degrees and 13 PhD programs, and it’s a genuine "knowledge lab", always active and on the move, where knowledge is created and ideas are shaped in the fields of architecture, communication, law, economics, medicine and biomedicine, informatics, public health, computational science, data science and the humanities.

This year, its 25th birthday wants to be an opportunity to (re)present this richness, continuing the mutual understanding with the region. Intertwined with #USIsU, the other main theme of #USI25, #shapingknowledge will offer a series of contributions, events and initiatives that invite you to shape your knowledge of USI and shape your knowledge with USI, in the name of knowledge at the service of the community.


What you'll find in #shapingknowledge

In addition to (re)presenting the University and providing you with an overview of the values and aspirations that guide the University through the Charter of USI, we'll lead you to... shape your knowledge of our programs through Info Days, number play in One Minute of USI, and retrace our 25 years in numbers. Above all, we will accompany you to our Knowledge lab, to offer you an insight into "shaping knowledge" to which 3'350 students, over 350 professors and lecturers and nearly 650 PhD students and researchers dedicate their energies every day to USI. We will offer you a "taste" of USI research with the two-day ShapingScience event, in conjunction with the Bachelor Info Day. We will celebrate the 10th Day of biomedical research and the 700th since Dante's death, chat with a Nobel Prize winner and drink frequent coffees from the fountain of knowledge. We will run the first Formula USI, we will embark on a 25-year journey in Architecture that sets the standard…, and much more!


This page will be continuously updated, inserting links to the various appointments and contributions that we will collect under #shapingknowledge Come back to visit us!

It's time for... #shapingknowledge

... and #shapingknowledge !