#USI25 Key moments

USI's 25th anniversary will feature a wide range of initiatives and events that will follow two main themes, #Shapingknowledge and #USIsU, and that will be structured around five defining events: Shaping Science, XXV Dies academicus, the Alumni & Alumnae Reunion dedicated to graduates, the Town Festival for the inauguration of the East Campus Lugano and the meeting with Nobel Prize winner Jacques Dubochet.

These events will mark 2021 with the desire to emphasize that the University is not an "ivory tower", unattainable by most and impervious to external stresses, where great minds detached from the reality that surrounds them are intent on elaborating who knows what abstruse concept; on the contrary, it is an integral and living part of the social fabric, which wants to involve and enter the discussions, projects and - why not - the hearts of the population.

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23-24 April 2021
Online / West Campus Lugano
#USI25 #shapingknowledge


ShapingScience is a two-day event dedicated to scientific dissemination, which will allow a little "taster" of the research that takes place at USI through knowledge cafés and presentations by young researchers. It’s part of the "Shaping knowledge" theme and will be held in conjunction with the Bachelor Info Day, which will allow students and parents to... shape their knowledge of USI's three-year study programs.

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XXV Dies academicus
8 May 2021
Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano
#USI25 #USIDies #USIsU #shapingknowledge


The University's annual celebration will take on a special guise, representing the key moment of USI's 25th anniversary.

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Alumni & Alumnae Reunion
3-5 September 2021
West Campus and East Campus Lugano


As part of the "USI is U" theme, an opportunity for university graduates to meet, so many of "you" who, over the years, have made USI what it is today.

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Town Festival for the East Campus
25 September 2021
East Campus Lugano


As part of the "USI is U" theme, a joint event between USI, SUPSI and the City of Lugano.

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A chat with a Nobel laureate. Meeting with Jacques Dubochet
27 September 2021
West Campus Lugano
#USI25 #shapingknowledge


Jacques Dubochet, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2017, is not only a scientist but also passionate about the relationship between science and society and has always taken a keen interest in social issues. Interviewed by Giovanni Pellegri, he will tell his story and describe his research and the role that science and scientists should play in our society. The event, which is part of the "Shaping knowledge" theme, is proposed by L'ideatorio of USI.

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The complete #USI25 calendar

As mentioned, around the five pivotal Moments the #USI25 program will offer a wide range of events. For example, we'll invite you to... shape your knowledge of our Bachelor and Master programs with Info Days, we’ll celebrate the 10th Day of Clinical Trials, we will remember the 700th anniversary of Dante's death, we will 'drink coffee from the fountain of knowledge', and much more.

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