Università della Svizzera italiana - USI

USI turns 25: a way forward since 1996

USI has been a reality for 25 years: today it counts 3'350 students, 100 countries represented, 10'000 alumni worldwide. It receives competitive research funding in excess of CHF 20 million per year, is fully integrated into the Swiss academic system and is well represented in the leading international rankings. Its 25th anniversary is a special opportunity to (re)present itself and continue to make itself known to the region. 2021 will be a year marked by a series of events, contributions and initiatives under the banner of #USI25, around two main themes and five key moments. Celebrate with us!

Themes #USI25


"Shaping knowledge” proposes a series of contributions and events aimed at making USI better known ("shaping knowledge" in the sense of "becoming better known") and at highlighting its contribution to the development of knowledge ("shaping knowledge" or "we are a knowledge lab").

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"USI is U" brings together a series of initiatives aimed at portraying USI as a place of opportunity, a personalised and original university where everyone can cultivate their uniqueness through interaction and dialogue.

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