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25 October 2021

Everything is set for the first #FormulaUSI 2021, the team challenge, promoted by USI's Software Institute, which consists of building, programming and racing on the track a 1:16 scale AI based autonomous cars based on the Donkey Car project. The event will be held at the Aula Polivalente of Università della Svizzera italiana East Campus from 5 to 7 November 2021. Registration is still open.

The Challenge

The challenge #FormulaUSI consists of programming a small car to drive, autonomously, a track at the highest possible speed using artificial intelligence. The winner will be the team that scores the best lap without going off the road.

The Event

In addition to #FormulaUSI races, the event will include two keynotes from speakers from the automotive industry (IBM and SIT Autonomous) and a panel discussion of professional drivers, experts in autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.


You can register and take part in the competition by filling in the registration form. The closing date for registration is 29 October 2021. 

Open to the Public

Throughout the event, free public access will be allowed, subject to registration at https://my.lugano.ch/it/eventi. Following the COVID-19 Protection Provisions in force, at the entrance, each participant will have to show a valid COVID certificate accompanied by an ID and fill out a form to register contact details.



Saturday, 6 November (open to the public)

09.00 am Free Practice
12.00 pm Break
3.00 am Free Practice

Sunday, 7 November (open to the public)

09.00 am Races
1.00 pm Break
2.00 pm Keynote by Ilya Shimchik (Team Principal of Acronis SIT Autonomous)
3.00 pm Roundtable Discussion
4.00 pm Prize-giving and Closing Ceremony


More information is available here


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