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Jean Tinguely, Heureka
Jean Tinguely, Heureka. Crediti: Roland Fischer, Zürich.

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In "Twilight of the Idols", Friedrich Nietzsche programmatically set out how to philosophize "with a hammer". Ancient singers, who carried out the important task of transmitting and preserving the cultural heritage of the community condensed in myth, were "sewing" songs. Descartes, one of the leading lights of the "scientific revolution" of the 1600s, invited those involved with learning and knowledge to proceed like a "blacksmith", first building up the appropriate intellectual tools and only then tackling the task of research. Knowledge is a job, a “to do” to which 3,350 students devote their energies to USI every day, over 350 professors and lecturers and nearly 650 PhD students and researchers. On the occasion of USI's 25th anniversary we offer you a journey to (re)discover the #knowledgelab that is our University.

We will do this through a series of editorial contributions and on social media that make up part of the thematic trend that we have named #Shapingknowledge. The journey into our #knowledgelab will offer you an insight into the richness and plurality of knowledge that USI contributes to "shaping" every day, and the future that this knowledge can help "forge".

An itinerary that aims to propose ideas for reflection on the meaning - and significance - of knowledge and the shaping of knowledge. A journey that invites you to learn with USI to get to know USI, and the energy that is invested every day on our campuses to contribute to the growth of knowledge. On the other hand, paraphrasing - on the basis of the well-known scientific journalist Pietro Greco - a joke popularly attributed to Thomas Alva Edison, knowledge is 1% inspiration and 99%... perspiration.


Discovering our #knowledgelab

Step by step, throughout 2021, we will go through the "sparks" of our passion for knowledge. We will enter the "forges" where the fire of ideas outlines perspectives to respond to the great challenges of today and tomorrow. We will use "levers" to help us open or tighten the "bolts" of reflection. We will follow in the footsteps of some "teachers" of knowledge and we will present the points of view and research of some of "apprentices". We will see on our workshop's "conveyor belts" the evolutions that the world and knowledge have gone through in the last 25 years. We will make "fusions" in order to tell about knowledge in a few words and in a picture. And, as always, we will offer you "keys" to reading, interpretation and investigation.

This page will be progressively updated, with links to the various events and contributions which we will gradually compile under #USIsU. Come back and visit us often!


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