Among the #sparks of the #knowledgelab

Antonio Canova, Amore e Psiche
Antonio Canova, Amore e Psiche; particolare, bianco e nero. Fonte: Wikimedia

#Sparks. In love with knowledge
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On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we confess our passion for knowledge, the "spark" that animates our mission, and we inaugurate a series of reflections on the meaning of knowledge, the university, education, scientific research and the dissemination of knowledge together with the Rector and Pro-Rectors of USI.

Discovering the #sparks of our knowledge lab

Together with our Rector Prof. Boas Erez we will celebrate the "Valentine's Day of knowledge", evoking the fire of Prometheus to propose a reflection-frame for all contributions on USI as a "knowledge lab", underlining the substantial dimension that "shaping" knowledge has in defining the very essence of humanity and the duty to share knowledge for the good of society. With the Pro-Rector for Research in the Humanities and Equal Opportunities Prof. Sonja Hildebrand we will light the "flame" of dialogue and talk about how knowledge, and the university, are a project that is built together, presenting the initiative of "Town hall" meetings. The Pro-Rector for Education and Students' experience Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni will guide us in a literally "fabulous" reflection on the meaning and value of education, to "ignite" the minds between knowledge and shoes. Pursuing the "fire" of curiosity that burns within us, the Pro-Rector for Research Prof. Patrick Gagliardini will accompany us in pursuit of knowledge, right up to the gates of Hell (and Paradise). Together with the Pro-Rector for Innovation and Industrial Relations, Prof. Luca Maria Gambardella, we will discuss knowledge, light bulbs and... levers, to underline the importance of knowledge that "moves" things and creates a "spark", bringing together distant worlds. And with the Pro-Rector for Internationalisation, Prof. Cesare Alippi, we will set off from the “the longing” to “gain experience of the world” towards the international horizons of our University.

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