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USI is U



USI's logo, the synthesis and visual expression of our University, features a large U in the foreground. U for University, but also U as an abbreviation for the English word you. For the past 25 years, USI has been a place of opportunity, a university on a personal scale, where everyone, with their curiosity and their desire to achieve, can discover and make their voice heard, cultivating their talents through interaction and dialogue. Unique and original, like each one of us, USI is a place that looks out onto the future and the world, a welcoming place (U as the shape of an embrace) and a dynamic place (U as the shape of a magnet that attracts and moves towards new challenges) in which to find a way forward. USI IS U: read up and down, the logo of Università della Svizzera italiana reminds us that "USI is you". #USIsU will be one of the leading threads of our University's 25th anniversary.

USI today counts 3'350 students, 100 countries represented, 5 Faculties, 10'000 alumni worldwide. It is well represented in the main international rankings, receives 20 million francs per year in research funding and is fully integrated into the Swiss academic system, one of the best in the world. The 25th anniversary of our University is an important occasion to once again present who we are and where we come from, what we are committed to and what we believe in. To emphasise our being a University and our way of being a University, our being a community and our way of being a community.

Intertwining with #Shapingknowledge, the other guiding theme of the anniversary, #USIsU will focus precisely on the story of our University from an identity point of view and on initiatives aimed at maintaining and consolidating the links between all of those "you" that make up our university community.

What you'll find in #USIsU

In addition to one of the key moments of the 25th anniversary, with the Alumni & Alumnae Reunion dedicated to graduates, within #USIsU we will (re)present USI, we will accompany you to discover our Bachelor and Master programs with Info Day and we will inaugurate the Town hall meetings, a new way of communicating as a community. We will introduce the University Charter and its Code of Ethics. We will accompany you to USI locations and play around with our numbers to tell you what One Minute of USI stands for. We will retrace 25 years of USI in numbers and through a Historical lexicon. We will climb 25 peaks for those 25 years; we will celebrate the new East Campus together and we will undertake with NostalgiUSI, a “vintage” journey to rediscover what USI and the world were like in 1996 and thereafter. Everything to celebrate our University together. Your University.


This page will be progressively updated, with links to the various events and contributions which we will gradually compile under #USIsU. Come back and visit us often!


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