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Friday 3 September 2021 - USI Campus Mendrisio - Teatro dell'architettura

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  • The role of female architects
  • A dialog on the role in contemporary society of USI alumni architects
  • Guided tour of the new Teatro dell’architettura and its expositions


Saturday 4 September 2021 - USI Campus East Lugano
#USI25 Alumni & Alumnae Reunion - first part

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  • Keynote speech on Self Management
  • Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence


Breakout Faculty Sessions

Workshop Economics: Watch the Breakout Session

Workshop Communication: Watch the Breakout Session

Workshop Informatics: Watch the Breakout Session

Workshop Architecture: Watch the Breakout Session

Workshop Biomedicine: Watch the Breakout Session


#USI25 Alumni & Alumnae Reunion - second part

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  • USI Alumni Community: Development strategies
  • USI25 Love Story Contest Award