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13 September 2021

All is set for USI Welcome 2021. A weekend dedicated to first-year students for a chance to meet new peers, receive first-hand information on services and all practical aspects of USI, discover the region and get ready to kick-start their academic adventure. The event will be held 17-19 September as part of the University's 25th-anniversary celebrations.

The welcome event takes place over three days, from Friday, 17 September to Sunday, 19 September, with a rich programme of both institutional and outdoor activities in the area, with the overall participation of 708 first-year students enrolled in the first year of Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

" I am pleased, in the year of USI's 25th anniversary, to welcome you, the new members of our community, and to celebrate this important milestone together. For a quarter of a century, USI has been accompanying students from all over the world on the path to their future." With these words, USI Rector Boas Erez wants to welcome all new students who, throughout the weekend, will take part in orientation meetings and afternoon activities such as guided tours of the city, treks in the mountains, workshops organised by L'ideatorio, and guided visits to museums and places of architectural interest in the region.

"Responsibility, enthusiasm and commitment. These are the keywords for those who decide to embark on a path of higher education," remarked Lorenzo Cantoni, Pro-Rector for Education and Students' experience. "Living this experience will allow you both to expand your knowledge and to contribute to the good and future development of society. We look forward to accompanying you on this journey. Welcome to USI!"


The programme is as follows:

In Mendrisio, on Friday, 17 September 2021, after the welcome by the Rector and Pro-rector, there will be an introduction by the Director of the Academy, Walter Angonese, followed by the presentation of the Administrative Services and IT tools. In the afternoon, there will be a presentation of the Academy Library, with a lecture on campus safety, in Italian and English.

In Lugano, on Saturday, 18 September 2021, the directors of the study programmes will welcome the first-year students after the institutional greetings. The latter will then receive their student badge and USI account. In the afternoon, programme registrations (in Italian) and information sessions on University services will be held.

On Saturday evening, at the closing of the institutional day, the event Uno sguardo al futuro (A glimpse into the future) will be held on the Lugano East Campus. The party, organised by the Students Corporation in collaboration with the student associations active at USI, is reserved for all freshmen in the Bachelor and Master programmes and aims to strengthen the ties within the USI student community and provide orientation in the social, cultural, and youth fields.

The Welcome 2021 will end on Sunday, 19 September 2021, with a series of activities to help new students discover the beauties of Ticino. From sports to art, from an adventurous treasure hunt, there is something for everyone!


Welcome 2021 in figures

708 Total number of registered participants
113 Registration for the institutional welcome day on Friday (Mendrisio)
552 Registration for the institutional welcome day on Saturday (Lugano)
583 Registration for the recreational, cultural and sports activities aimed at discovering the territory (Sunday)

Attendees by Faculty

113 Architecture
41 Biomedicine
202  Communication, Culture and Society
201 Economics
108 Informatics

44 Exchange students

Attendees by study level

314 Bachelor
350 Master

More information about the programme and activities can be found at the following link

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