"Convergence and Distance", USI launches a Cultural Project on Communication, Culture and Society


Institutional Communication Service

1 June 2021

Over the last few years we have observed an intensification of converging phenomena. Just think of, among many others, those between media and technology, engagement and disengagement in public and political debate, conflict and mediation through dialogue, or related to consumer styles. However, while many things converge, will there still be room, and meaning, for distance? And how are converging and diverging phenomena connected? To answer these and other questions that define today's society, the USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society has created "Convergence and Distance", a Cultural Project that will develop over the course of 2021 and 2022 and that will be inaugurated on June 7 with a public event at the Lugano East Campus, in the context of the activities celebrating the 25th anniversary of USI.

The Cultural Project initiated by the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society aims at being a moment of dialogue and interaction for the University, and between its Faculties and the community. With this unconventional initiative, the doors of the University open towards the community and the community enters the University, through participation and co-creation of cultural events and moments.

The first event, on June 7, will offer the participants the opportunity to discover the reflections made around the tension that exists between the dynamics of convergence and distance that are present in today's society, and the role that communication processes and cultural changes play within this tension. The Cultural Project will be held in the form of an "itinerant seminar": participants will receive a map that will guide them around the East Campus and lead them to take a short journey to discover and learn more about the multi-facted phenomena of convergence and distance.

In the course of 2021 and of 2022 many different topics will be explored through a dialogue related to ongoing research topics, and reflecting on the materiality of objects and practices anchored in socio-cultural spaces, through a series of initiatives that will be also be open to the public.    

To learn more about the Cultural Project: www.com.usi.ch/progettoculturale

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