#USI25 - Perspectives on Digital Fashion Communication of «Made In» Cases from Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland


Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication

Start date: 29 August 2021

End date: 4 September 2021

The Summer School 2021 will investigate the contribution and dynamics of digital communication in the constitution of the national image, with specific reference to the creative fashion industry and the qualification of sustainable “Made in” in this sector. In fact, if the Internet is an icon and an outcome of globalization, which crosses national borders without any problem, it is precisely in online communication that the concept of “Made in”, its meaning and its values – as well as the attention paid by the sector to sustainability – are discussed and negotiated today.

This Summer School is open to advance Master students, PhD Candidates, and professionals working in the domain.

For more information visit: https://digitalfashion.ch/summer-school-2021/